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Ella Alexandria Love

Intuitive Life Coach + Holistic Systems Strategist at Systems & Alchemy

Providing Energy Healing through Alignment Coaching + Spiritual Guidance. I'm also passionate about hosting Women's Circles, Retreats, and Workshops that allow a safe space for healing the Divine Feminine. I love to empower my soul family in their everyday life.

"Thank you for being understanding in just allowing me to show up exactly how I am, and in who I am. Having that freedom I feel has allowed me to mature." 
- Janice

"Hi Ella, I am in love with your vibe and have to tell you, your words, your presence, are who I know I am inside... I am slowly allowing these things to penetrate me so deeply that I too have the confidence to let my light shine out there in the world. And I just wanted you to know that your page totally inspired me - showed me where I would love to be..."
- Shannon

"You brought me up when I was down, and I hadn't even met you in person. I think you are an amazing person, an amazing mother, and if it wasn't for you… I wouldn't have my daughter today. I've always wanted to thank you for that. Every time I look at her I can't believe I almost let her go. Really, your support changed my life in such a beautiful way"
- Toni

“Thank YOU for all that you have done for me and all that we will co-create. And thank you for being the light that you are... Important work needed at this time and it’s a blessing to know you.” 
- Sheena,



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